Doctor of Philosophy           University of Calgary, Clinical Psychology,  2002

Master of Science                 University of Calgary, Clinical Psychology, 1997

Master of Arts                       University of Toronto, Department of Philosophy. 1992

Bachelor of Arts                    McGill University, Department of Psychology. 1988


College of Alberta Psychologists, Registered Psychologist

Psychology Association of Alberta, Member

Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, Registered Doctoral Psychologist

University of Regina, Department of Psychology, Adjunct Professor


Independent Private Practice, Registered Doctoral Clinical Psychologist, full practice licence granted by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists March 11, 2004, and the College of Alberta Psychologists October 21, 2013.

Dr. Baydala has experience conducting individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, working with persons with mild, chronic and severe mental disorder suffering from mood, anxiety, personality disorders, substance abuse and psychotic disorders using psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. She also has experience working with families presenting with mental health problems using assessment of system dynamics and reflective teams as interventions.

Experienced providing psychotherapy, assessments and consultation in rural and urban hospitals,  community mental health clinics,  physiotherapy clinics, for the RCMP and in private practice, her clinical training has focused on health psychology, cultural factors affecting mental health care, working with under-served populations, rural health, community based and preventative approaches to mental health care, and public education. 


As a clinical professor Dr. Baydala has extensive experience supervising university students receiving training in assessment, clinical interviewing, ethics, report writing, research and psychotherapy.


Psychodynamic Psychology

Theories & Systems of Psychology

Consciousness Studies: Yoga Psychology

History of Psychology

Psychological Interventions

Theories of Personality

Abnormal Psychology


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Canadian Psychology Association

Canadian Mental Health Association

Alberta Mentor Foundation for Youth

Saskatchewan College of Psychologists

Committee for the Status of Women

C. G. Jung Society


2012                Knowledge Translation and Public Outreach ($100,000)

2011                 End of Life Care and Aboriginal Families ($600,000)

2007               Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren ($10,000)

2007                Understandings of Psychotherapy. ($45,000)

2006               Addiction Treatment and Yoga ($4000)